US Open 2016

So, here we are writing another blog post about the game of golf and one of the US’s most prestigious golf tournaments. The US Open Championship. This is a very special golf tournament each year because not only is it a major, but anyone can enter and it gives the amateur golfers a chance to hit the links with the pros to even out the field.

This 2016 US Open started off with a lot of players in the field who were the unknowns and hadn’t yet competed in a major golf tournament. That in itself makes the play interesting because you are seeing players with no following keeping up and hanging with the major players of the current times. A lot was focused on Dustin Johnson since he had came so close in several of the previous years and just last year was runner up or second place because he missed a crucial putt on the 18th hole and let Jordan Spieth come in to scoop up the win which my buddy at Roswell Roofing Company loved seeing.. But Dustin was focused on making history this year and getting his first elusive major win under his belt.

This year’s Open Championship was played in the beautiful Oakmont country club in Plum, PA. The first round was delayed from heavy rainfall and so the players had to wait until late Thursday and early Friday. After it got going the field made the tournament very interesting and made for a great golf match to watch. This was the 9th time that the US Open was held at Oakmont in PA and it seems to always carry quite the drama when a major golf tournament is played here.

During the 4th and final round on Sunday, Dustin Johnson was putting a ball on the 5th hole. Once he stood over the ball to size up the putt and get his distance down on the length, the ball moved a hair and he stood up and looked at the official as if to say, “I didn’t touch the ball”. But after a little debating, the official told Dustin to go ahead and putt the ball in and they would review in the booth. Well, Johnson was supposed to just go about his business with this lingering possible penalty stroke hanging over his head and not knowing what the outcome would be. Golf is 90% mental in the first place, but having to play the rest of your round in a major championship with that hanging over your head has to be tough! He ended up playing the round of his life and sank lots of long putts, hammered his drives consistently, and won the US Open Championship that has eluded him for years prior.

I was happy to see Dustin Johnson get his first major victory on tour and win the US Open this year. He has came soooooo close in previous years and most notably runner up last year to Jordan Spieth. This was a true test of character, patience and consistency to keep the lead during the entire 4th round and prevail with victory. This all despite the potential penalty that was hanging over his head the last 3/4 of the final round. In the end, the PGA officials decided not to penalize Dustin for the moving ball, but he would have one anyway with a 3 stroke penalty.

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