Amateur Golf Tournament

Moving along with this blog, I figured I would write about my experience with a local golf tournament that I just played in yesterday with a buddy. We played at Gwinnett Country Club in Snellville, GA. It was an excellent day for the weather and drinking cold beer on the course. A perfect 10.

It was a four man scramble against 20 or so other teams out of the course in an eighteen hole battle. One of our friends that owns Atlanta SEO Expert was there as well, albeit on a different team. An argument could be made that it was a challenge of who could drink the most beer in a 5 hour period. But, in a nutshell, a four man scramble is another way of saying that all four players hit a shot, and then the team plays the best shot out of the four each time. So for example, we all four tee off for the first shot on each hole, then we take the best shot of those four and all of us hit a ball from that spot. Then, the best of that shot is where we all hit a shot from and so on and so forth.

All in all it was a fantastic time out on the course, we came in third place which was the “bronze” winner trophy. Now, we didn’t take a trophy home, but it was nice to know that our team came in third place out of all the players that were there yesterday. Like I said, there was more beer drinking than golf for most teams, but we hung in there and made some great shots, came in third, and the entry fees and proceeds went to charity. Great cause and great fun, and we are looking for more of these tournaments to play in soon!

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