Welcome to my new blog about Golf

Welcome to a new website blog that i am doing in an effort to explain the game of golf to the average person. First off, golf is one of those games that people either totally love, or could care less and hate it. When I watch golf on TV, my wife (she is starting to come around) and some friends could care less and would rather watch a show about knitting blankets instead of a round of golf featuring the best players in the world on tv.  Not me, I can watch all day! I think it is hard to relate to golf unless you actually play the game and come to appreciate it for how difficult it actually is.

So, now that we got that out of the way, here are a few other reasons that people either love or hate it. My buddy over at Roswell Towing can’t stand golf for example, and would rather be working on his trucks or whatever. I understand, It is a slow game, especially to watch on tv, I get that. But once you start playing, you can pick up on some of the swing habits, putting strokes, etc, that the best players frequently do. And…that helps you by taking away some tips that you can immediately use in your own amateur game.  Plus those guys on tv, blast the ball 300-400 yards off of the tee, so that in itself is impressive to see. When you witness these types of shots that they do on a regular basis, it is inspiring to see because you can only hit the ball maybe 275 to 300 yards on a good day, much less 350 to 400 yards. But I digress, it can be slow to watch, although a great program to tune into if you want to have a lazy Sunday on the couch.

Well, that sums up my thoughts on the game that propel folks to either love or hate the game for sure. If you are merely a spectator, then you probably don’t have much appreciation or desire to watch golf, or follow the sport for that matter. However, if you play, you can really get into it and all that it has to offer in the field of game development, and the craving to get better and better. It is a lifelong game and learning process, so patience is key to trimming the strokes on your own scorecard.

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